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Housing & Lving Expenses

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Seattle - general information:

Seattle - housing/neighborhoods:
Current students advise you check bus routes to be sure you have bus access (University District parking is scarce and expensive)

  • Seattle bus routes (map)
  • Seattle Metro (bus) Trip Planner
  • Craigslist Choose “Apartments” or “Shared Housing” - you can search by neighborhood (see info below). Shared housing will be less expensive. Many students in the Department share housing with one another. If you decide to attend the UW, we are happy to ask current students to let you know if they are looking for a housemate.

In terms of having an easy commute, it is best to live in one of the following neighborhoods: Fremont, Wallingford, Phinney Ridge, Green Lake, Northgate (can be a bit isolated), Lake City (can be a bit isolated), Wedgwood, Sandpoint, Maple Leaf, View Ridge, Roosevelt, Ravenna, University District, Montlake, Eastlake and Capitol Hill. There are many other great neighborhoods, but these are the ones with the easiest access to the UW.

Note: the UW District is a vibrant place to live and convenient to school, but some students wish they had known that it can be active well into the night. Capitol Hill also has a more urban late-night vibe as well as many great places to go dancing.

Seattle Neighborhoods map

Seattle - approximate monthly costs (as reported by current students)

$500 (living in the University District w/five housemates)
$650 (living in Wallingford w/two housemates)
$700-850 (living alone in NE Seattle)

If you share a house, the three expenses listed below will total approx. $100/month

If you live alone you will pay approx. $120-170/month (lower in summer/higher in winter)

Internet = $65
Heat = $30-60
Electric = $26-46

$200-250 "If I'm really diligent about not eating out and only drinking coffee from home…Eating out and coffee shop expenses...increases that estimate." (quote from current student)

PhD students = fees (about $425/quarter)

Less than $100 - if you use the library (faculty put the texts on reserve and/or the texts are accessible online)
$100-$300 - if you chose to buy the books (instead of using the library)

Other expenses to consider:

Phone plan = depends on your plan; approx. $50/month
Car insurance, gas, etc.
Entertainment (movies, yoga classes, etc.)
Other (child care, haircuts, etc.)

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