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Course Listings
The UW Quarterly Time Schedule lists all courses offered by the University. It also provides instructions for how to register.

Registering for classes
- Enrolling in a course is done via My UW.
- This sight has video which show you how to register for a class

Course entry codes
Course codes and faculty add codes are available from the Curriculum Coordinator (

Independent Study
Students may register for an independent study (BIOST 600A), often referred to as a "reading" credit.

Note: Some new students take a one-credit independent study with their academic advisor during their first quarter in the program. It is up to the student and the advisor to determine if this would be useful.

When you select the appropriate course SLN (Schedule Line Number), you will be asked for a faculty add code, and you will also be asked to enter the credits you are taking. Select the faculty member with whom you are working. Credit hours should be discussed with the faculty member, but in general, one credit is approximately 3 hours/week of study.

Before the start of each quarter, the Curriculum Coordinator sends all students a list of that quarter's 600-level SLNs needed to register, along with a list of Biostatistics faculty add codes (plus a few Statistics faculty add codes as well). While faculty add codes never change, the course SLNs DO change each quarter; be sure to select the right one. You can also find SLNs on the UW Quarterly Time Schedule.

If the faculty member you want to work with is not on the add code list, first contact the Curriculum Coordinator to find out if the person can be added (generally this can be done only for new Biostatistics faculty or faculty who are from another department but are have a joint-listed with Biostatistics the Curriculum Coordinator ( can determine this).

If they cannot be added because they are not Biostatistics faculty or joint-listed, you will need to contact the department they are a member of to register. If the other department has no mechanism in place for granting independent study credits, you may still be able to receive credit via your own advisor and should contact him/her for permission to do so.

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