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Directory: Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center Staff

Namesort iconTitleAreas of Responsibility
Abutin, RonSystems AnalystComputer programming for CHSCC
Arnold, AliceAssociate Director / BiostatisticianCHSCC management and statistical analysis
Bartz, TraciResearch ScientistResearch support for CHSCC
Biggs, Mary LouEpidemiologistProject direction and statistical analysis
Buzkova, PetraBiostatisticianStatistical analysis for CHSCC
Daniel, StephenProject Director / Senior ProgrammerProject management and computer programming for CHSCC
Dermond, NormaData Systems ManagerOperations and data management for CHSCC
Drummey, KaeleenProgram CoordinatorProgram support for CHSCC
Enright, ErikaResearch CoordinatorProject and administrative coordination for CHSCC
Fitzpatrick, AnnetteSenior Faculty InvestigatorProject direction/ research for CHSCC
Gill, JenniferProgram CoordinatorProgram support for CHSCC
Guo, MengyeResearch ScientistResearch support for CHSCC
Hairabedian, DanielaSenior ProgrammerComputer programming for CHSCC
Hansen, KarenProgram CoordinatorPublications program coordination for CHSCC
Hinckley Stukovsky, KarenProject Director / BiostatisticianProject management and statistical analysis for CHSCC
Jager, LaurenProgram CoordinatorEvents adjudication program support for CHSCC
Johnson, CraigProject Director / BiostatisticianProject management and statistical analysis for CHSCC
Jorgensen, NealAnalystProject analysis for CHSCC
Kachook, IrinaSenior ProgrammerComputer programming and website development/ management for CHSCC
Katz, RonitBiostatisticianStatistical analysis for CHSCC
Lin, Fu-MeiSenior ProgrammerComputer programming for CHSCC
Myers, SherryProgram CoordinatorProgram support for CHSCC
Pearce, JohnSenior ProgrammerComputer programming for CHSCC
Poole, AnnaProgram CoordinatorEvents adjudication program coordination for CHSCC
Schmitz, MartinSenior ProgrammerComputer programming for CHSCC
Schwimmer, EricCo-Director of ITIT operations management for CHSCC
Sharamitaro, LisaResearch AdministratorAdministration, Collaborative Health Sciences Coordinating Center
Shrager, SandiAnalystProject analysis for CHSCC
Smith, JohnChief GuruKicks butt and takes names
Tang, KenCo-Director of ITIT operations management for CHSCC
Vu, DavidData ManagerData management for CHSCC
Wang, JingSenior ProgrammerComputer programming for CHSCC
Watson, JerrySenior ProgrammerComputer programming for CHSCC
Williams, KayleenClinical Operations ManagerStudy operations for CHSCC
Wilsdon, TonyData Manager & AnalystData management for CHSCC
Young, RebekahResearch ScientistResearch and analytical support for CHSCC
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