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Directory: Faculty

NameTitleResearch Interests
Barlow, WilliamResearch ProfessorSurvival analysis, diagnostics, statistical methods in epidemiology, breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
Brown, ElizabethResearch ProfessorJoint models for longitudinal and survival data; Bayesian methods; statistical methods in HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular research.
Browning, SharonResearch Associate ProfessorStatistical methods for large scale genetic data, including genome-wide association data and sequence data.
Brumback, LyndiaResearch Associate ProfessorFunctional data analysis; Statistical methods for cardiovascular disease research; Cystic Fibrosis clinical trials.
Carone, MarcoAssistant ProfessorInference in infinite-dimensional models; Targeted maximum likelihood estimation; Survival analysis and stochastic processes; Cross-sectional sampling and other biased sampling schemes; Statistical epidemiology; Causal inference; Applications to neurology
Chan, KC GaryAssociate Professor (Joint: Health Services)Survival analysis, recurrent event processes, recurrent marker processes, truncation and prevalent cohort data, semiparametric models, medical costs, and health services research.
Emerson, ScottProfessor and Graduate Program DirectorClinical trials, sequential testing, survival analysis, categorical data, statistical consulting, computer intensive methods.
Emond, MaryResearch Associate ProfessorSemiparametric estimation and efficiency; statistical problems in molecular biology, SNP studies, CF and infectious disease.
Fleming, ThomasProfessor (Joint: Statistics)Scientific and regulatory issues in the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials; survival analysis.
Gilbert, PeterResearch Professor (FHCRC)Clinical trials, HIV vaccines, survival analysis, infectious diseases, genetic sequence analysis, causal inference.
Halloran, Elizabeth (Betz)Professor (FHCRC)Epidemiologic and statistical methods for infectious diseases; causal inference, vaccine evaluation, dynamic models, pathogen evolution.
Heagerty, PatrickProfessor and ChairRegression techniques for dependent data, including marginal models and random effects models for longitudinal data, categorical time series, hierarchical models for categorical spatial data, statistical computing and applications in epidemiology and ecology.
Hoff, PeterProfessor (Joint: Statistics)Multivariate analysis, Bayesian methods, network and relational data.
Hughes, JimProfessorStatistical methods for infectious disease research, HIV prevention trials, cluster randomized trials.
Inoue, LurdesAssociate ProfessorBayesian methods; clinical trials; decision theory; cancer.
Kerr, KathleenAssociate ProfessorGene expression microarrays; statistical genetics; experimental design; evaluation of biomarkers.
Kronmal, RichardProfessor (Joint: Statistics)Nonparametric density estimation, computer algorithms, cardiovascular data analysis, clinical trials.
LeBlanc, MichaelResearch Professor (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)Tree-based methods for regression and exploratory survival analysis. Adaptive regression and classification techniques.
Leroux, BrianProfessor (Joint: Dental Public Health Sciences)Correlated data analysis, dental research.
May, SusanneAssociate ProfessorSurvival analysis, longitudinal data analysis and clinical trials.
McClelland, RobynResearch Associate Professor, Associate Director of Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Centerstatistical methods in epidemiologic research; cardiovascular disease; clinical trials.
McKnight, BarbaraProfessorStatistical methods in epidemiology and clinical trials, human genetics; survival analysis.
Peterson, ArtProfessor (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)Quantitative methods, time-to-event data, competing risks methods, longitudinal projection, precision enhancement.
Prentice, RossProfessor (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)Failure time analysis, disease prevention trials, epidemiologic methods, dietary factors and disease.
Rice, KennethAssociate ProfessorCardiovascular epidemiology, genetic and genomic epidemiology, analysis of mismeasured data, foundations of inference.
Richardson, BarbraResearch ProfessorClinical trials; missing data; longitudinal data analysis; AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
Sheppard, Elizabeth (Lianne)Professor (Joint: Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences)Environmental epidemiology, exposure modeling, aggregate data, health effects of environmental and occupational exposures, air pollution, occupational noise.
Shojaie, AliAssistant Professor (Adjunct, Statistics)Statistical analysis of high dimensional networks, machine learning, bioinformatics and systems biology, computational statistics and optimization.
Simon, NoahAssistant ProfessorMachine learning, Computationally efficient estimation and testing in high dimensions applied primarily to 'omics data.
Szpiro, AdamAssistant ProfessorAir pollution and environmental epidemiology, spatio-temporal prediction modeling, measurement error, Bayesian methods for model-robust inference.
Temkin, NancyProfessor (Joint: Neurological Surgery)Clinical trials, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury.
Thompson, Mary LouResearch ProfessorDiagnostic methods, longitudinal reference ranges, epidemiology, maternal and child health, occupational health, environmental statistics.
Thornton, TimothyAssistant ProfessorStatistical genetics for complex traits; methods for correlated genetic data including relatedness and population structure.
Wakefield, JonProfessor (Joint: Statistics)Bayesian methods in biostatistics and epidemiology; spatial epidemiology; ecological studies; genetic association studies.
Weir, Bruce Professor (Adjunct in Genome Sciences)Statistical methodology for genetic data, with an emphasis on allelic dependencies, population structure, disease associations and relationships. Use of genetic data for human identification.
Wellner, JonProfessor (Joint: Statistics)Empirical processes, semiparametric models, asymptotic efficiency, survival analysis, martingales.
Wijsman, EllenProfessor (Joint: Medicine)Statistical genetics, population genetics, and applications to genetic epidemiology.
Witten, DanielaAssociate Professor (Joint: Statistics)High dimensional data analysis and machine learning, with applications to genomics and statistical genetics.
Zhou, XH AndrewProfessor, Director of Biostatistics Unit, HSR&D Center of ExcellenceROC curve methodology, causal inferences, analysis of skewed distributions, missing data, diagnostic medicine, health services and mental health research.
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